Good Mental Health in Perth – Its Mental Health Week!

Hi everyone
How are you today? Are you ok?
Its Mental Health Week In WA, running until the 14th October.

Midland Psychologist

So it’s a good time to reflect on where you are at and how you are travelling, and even how those around you are getting on.

Its one of the hardest things sometimes, to realise that we could use a bit of help or support. And the next hardest thing is to talk to our loved ones, friends and connections that maybe they could use a bit of the same. This is a difficult topic and I am so glad that we have these kinds of events to bring it into the public sphere more openly.

You can visit the website here:

There’s lots of resources and events going on around the city that you might want to take a peek at.

So, what’s involved in ‘good mental health’?

The current understanding of this is about resilience – that is, that we have a capacity to bounce back from challenges and continue to move forward.

Everyone goes through tough times, everyone experiences stress, negative thoughts and emotions, times of doubt and uncertainty, grief. These things in and of themselves are a normal part of life. I think the key is understanding when you have become trapped in a cycle of pain that prevents you from experiencing at least some level of enjoyment and satisfaction in life.

Sometimes there can be an overwhelming sense of wanting to just ‘give up’, and suicide feels like an option.

When you have these persistent feelings and thoughts its time to reach out. Its important to remember that if you are in a lot of pain, it will take time and patience to address the issue. You may have to come at the problem from a lot of different angles – psychotherapy, body therapy, exercise, diet, lifestyle changes.

I read a great statement in this book – Heal your Drained Brain by Dr Mike Dow:

“Perhaps she would benefit from the wonders of combination therapy by putting effective treatments together. She might not feel a 100% improvement with one change, but when she….put something that helped her 10% with 5 other strategies that also helped 10%, she’d get a 60% improvement.”

What can happen when we get anxious and depressed is we get desperate for one answer that will make it go away NOW. I love the idea that there are lots of small answers that help just a little bit, just enough and when they are all put together we are doing a lot better than we were.

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