You are Tired I know, but sometimes FORWARD is all you have

I just felt like writing to you today to give some encouragement.

Its hard at the moment I know.

Its hurts right now, I am sure of that.

Sometimes everything can lie in a heap at your feet, and there seems to be no way of putting it all back together.

Your heart is also there on the floor with all the rest of the broken pieces. You are tired and weary and worn out. Giving up seems like the only option.

I know. I’ve been there. 


Now is the time when you pull on that quiet voice deep within you that whispers ‘don’t give up’. Or at least ‘ok, we will give up for now. But after that we will get back up’.

And so, maybe you need to cry today. Maybe you need to sit quietly for a time to rest your heart and emotions. Maybe you need a furry friend, or a tree, or someone gentle.

And then, the time comes. You can do it. You can gather your courage – even if it’s only a remnant of courage, take a deep breath, a shower and take a small, very baby step. Forward. There is no going back at these times, there is only forward.


Going forward will mean different things to you at different times – it could mean persevering for another day, maybe it means trying again for a new start, maybe it means forging ahead to find new kin…I don’t know. Your forward is yours to forge.

I only know that forward is the only direction that is viable.

The way is uncertain. The path is not lit more than a few feet in front of you. You can only see one step at a time. It’s scary.

And forward comes in fits and starts, small steps, small accomplishments, small wins that may seem like nothing to anyone else but are huge for you.

You have become an explorer in your own life, discovering new, uncharted territory. You must be very brave. Bravery only comes when you are very afraid.

I believe in you. I believe you can do it. You find out who you really are when life lies in pieces at your feet. Rest, restore, be kind to yourself and move forward. You deserve it (even though you probably think you don’t!).

Yours in kindness