Anxiety Counselling

Bronwyn Tough is a Perth based psychologist specialising in providing counselling help for anxiety and its symptoms.

As we move forward as a culture, the increase in pressure is also moving forward on us. We are exposed to terrifying events across the globe at any moment of any day and developing a sense of security in life seems elusive. Even the well-meaning encouragement to ‘live your dream’ or ‘do what you love’ creates pressure and stress. We have become steeped in a fear-based reality and the effects are being seen across the lifespan.

Talking about your anxiety, or fear or stress can make a huge difference in beginning to separate from fear. Let’s look at your specific anxiety as well as engage in tried and true interventions that may provide relief from what you are experiencing.

Bronwyn is based in Midland WA and her experience as a counselling psychologist can provide treatment and help with anxiety. Email us today.

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