I call grief the ‘unwelcome friend’. This friend is the one who takes up residence at your kitchen table whilst you work very hard to ignore their presence and ‘get on with things’ – you know, the washing, the shopping, the cleaning. Getting on with it. Every now and again grief will make you sit with them for as many moments as you can stand it. Then you try to ‘get on with it’ again, but still grief remains waiting for you, sitting at the table.

Grief, whilst wrapped in pain, has many gifts to give, but often needs a safe, quiet space to be visited with. Loved ones may not like visiting with your unwelcome friend – they can feel that grief is just a troublesome bearer of pain. They don’t want you to hurt. Who does? No one likes seeing someone they love hurt.

You need a safe space to explore what grief is trying to express through your pain. Let’s listen together.

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