Parenting/Step Parenting

Ah parenting. So tricky these days – kids are smart and have access to all kinds of information. Let’s face it, they may know more than you on any given subject! This can be intimidating as they learn early how to challenge and debate with you. Learning to be the ‘calmer wiser older’ person in the relationship is important and having a place to brainstorm strategies to your specific situation is crucial. Come along for an individually tailored approach to help with your up and coming human.

Step parenting is a very special occupation. You fill a role in the young one’s life that no one else does. Its complicated though. How to develop a relationship with the child that allows you some freedoms takes time, patience and skill. It also involves your partner such that the two of you work together. There are unique emotional impacts of being a step parent that not many understand. It’s also important to understand and accept your step child’s perspective so that you can navigate the complexities of the relationship.

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