Perfectionism/Fear of failure or making a mistake

This is increasingly becoming a prevalent issue for our culture. With the avalanche of ‘information’ out there – from the ‘right’ shoes for our feet all the way up to how best to tie our hair – with diet and exercise and thinking all in the middle there somewhere, we are becoming terrified to make a mistake. From the changing information about diets (lets face it, in the 80’s eggs were bad, then butter was bad, then bacon was the worst thing ever. These days you are making a mistake if you don’t eat those things). Everything causes cancer. Don’t eat that. Don’t drink more than 2 cups of that. Don’t sit like that. For goodness sake don’t sleep like that. But not like that either – oh no, not THAT!!! And we impose these rules on ourselves and on our loved ones.

The rules are everywhere. We are subtly being trained in perfection – and some of this information may be correct, but what is happening at an alarming rate is that people are subjecting their personalities to the ‘rules’. And its costing us our mental health.

Don’t let perfectionism rule your roost. Let’s talk about how to be yourself and be free.

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