Separation and/or divorce is one of the top five stressors in modern life, according to Holmes-Rahe Stress Inventory. (If you would like to look more closely at this scale you can do so here:

Whether you are the one leaving, or the one who has been left (or perhaps it was a mutual decision), this is a life change that can have lasting impacts. Trying to begin afresh after the breakup takes courage and determination. Finding a path for the kids through the aftermath is exhausting and nerve jangling. Concerns and worries for their wellbeing can overwhelm.

Seeking support for this transition and finding confidence in your new life is crucial. You can start again, you have it within you to do so. There is life ahead. But it can help a great deal to have someone to talk through the issues with. To partner with you while you manage the emotional and practical challenges. Let’s talk about how to go forward

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