Workplace Stress

More is wanted isn’t it? More is wanted from less time and resources and less training given. Everyone is under pressure, it feels less like a vocation and more like a prison – something that must be done to pay the bills and put food on the table. But the heart of it for you is not there.

Perhaps there are difficult personalities that you are working with. How do you cope with relationships that challenge all your skills in negotiation? Do you feel bullied? Detrimental relationships at work can filter into your personal life as it drains everything you have to give and becomes the focus of your conversations as you try to cope.

Or, are you stymied by performance anxiety and perfectionism? Does this get in the way of meeting deadlines, going for promotion, being true to your creative capacity? Do you procrastinate, hesitate in decision making, not finish the project? Is it all related to your performance anxiety, perfectionism and fear of failure?

We can put our heads together and brainstorm how to get back your enjoyment of your work life.

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